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Welcome to the Association of the Official Guides of Burgos

Exploring the soul of the city

The Association of the Official Guides of Burgos would like to help you discover the history of Burgos, and travel through time so as to feel the magic of the city and its province. Art, prehistory, legend and illustrious personages bring back memories of the past which are still evident in the streets of the ancient 'Caput Castellae'.

Our Association is made up of guides who have been qualified by the Junta de Castilla y León to practice a regulated profession (Decree 101/95) which allows them to organize the visits in various languages and which guarantees they are adapted to suit individual tastes.

The members of the Association are happy to welcome you and to wish you a pleasurable stay in Burgos. Come with us now; let's visit the past, enjoy the present, dream the future. Ready to join us?

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